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These classes were originally, intricately tailored to look after your basics, safely and gently, while I covered for friends who were on leave.  Then, overtime as I took over the classes on a permanent basis, they evolved into deeply beautiful spaces of refuge for mums during pregnancy and beyond into motherhood.  The movement is still grounded in the soundest of support and yet it is gentle, effective and with strength as needed.  I wanted to ensure that it would bring you back on point when required and focus you on what you would like to cultivate within your daily life with your baby. 

Each session provides practices that warm, mobilize and release tension, also enhancing an important sense of beauty, much needed to honour our bodies during times of change.  We practice exercises to support our breathing, relaxation and most importantly, our self communication, giving us sessions that enhance our deep skills to support ourselves how we would like.  There simplicity can become our strength.

I have many resources and articles you are most welcome to draw on as needed, please keep an eye on my blog in the coming months, but in the meantime you are very welcome to request any and I can forward as needed.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to book a session with me.  

Claire Xx


"The classes were relaxed, friendly and the exercises prepared me both physically and emotionally for the big day.  As a true testament I managed the labour process without gas and by using the yogic breathing and simple poses taught at the sessions!  I would definitely recommend Claire"

Georgina, Downend

"Thank you for helping to make my entry into motherhood so lovely.  Noah and I have really enjoyed our Yoga sessions with you.  Right from the start you've made the practices caring, inclusive and supportive.  Thank you!"

Rosie and Noah

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